A Discipline committee has been constituted with a member of the faculty as the convener. This committee will be in charge of overall discipline in the campus. They are expected to walk around and ensure discipline.

Students shall not indulge in quarrelling or fighting in the campus. If any such incident is reported, serious actions will be taken against them. Any student destroys college property he/she will be removed from the Roll of the college, besides initiating cares.



1)         The college shall follow a five day week, from Monday to Friday

2)         Teaching hours shall be from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. On Friday the lunch interval shall be from 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm.

3)         Students should be present in the class before the second bell (9.25 am in the morning and 1.25 pm in the afternoon. On Fridays 1.55 pm in the afternoon.)

4)         Be regular in attending classes. When leave is required for unavoidable reason, the application for the same signed by the parent and recommended by the tutor should be submitted promptly.

5)         Every student is expected to behave and conduct himself/herself in the college in a dignified and courteous manner.

6)         Greet the Principal and Teachers when you meet them depending on the time of the day (Good Morning - till 1 pm, Good Afternoon – till 5 pm and Good Evening after 5 pm.)

7)         Don’t loiter around during class hours.

8)         When you visit the Principal at his office or any Teacher in the staff room, be polite enough to ask “May I come in Sir” and say “Thank you Sir” when you leave the room.

9)         Consumption of narcotic drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc., are prohibited in the campus.

10)      Students are strictly barred from marking on the furniture, walls and such other properties.

11)      Deposit the waste items in the space provided for them.

12)      Keep the class room neat & tidy.

13)      Students are forbidden from collecting money from among themselves, for any purpose what so ever, without the permission of Principal

14)      Use of mobile phone inside the campus is strictly prohibited.

15)      Students are advised to enroll themselves in NSS and other service organisations.

16)      Do not harass the freshers. Ragging of any manner and kind amounts to criminal intimidation and offence.

17)      Report your genuine grievances to the ‘Students Grievance Redressal Cell’.

18)      Uniform is compulsory for students on all working days except Wednesday.

19)      They should adhere strictly to the uniform code.

20)      Uniform code for boys is formal shirt and trouser (with belt, low waist is not permitted) and for girls churidar with shawl.

21)      Students are expected to be dressed in their uniform adhering strictly to uniformity, to norms of modesty and decorum.

22)      Students are not permitted to come in colour dress as part of any personal celebration or festive occasion.

23)      On Wednesday student should come in formal wear. Low waist jeans and T-Shirts is not permitted.

24)      Tuition fees, matriculation fees, affiliation fees, examination fees etc. should be remitted on or before the dates stipulated and published on notice board. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 10 per day.

25)      Parents should make it a point to attend the class P.T.A. meetings as and when they are asked to do so. They will be intimated about the progress of the wards in these meetings. P.T.A. meetings are the most fruitful interactive sessions for effective functioning of the college.