"Education is that which liberates"





The college will function five days in a week ( Monday to Friday)

Teaching hours is from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Teachers should be present in the staff room after the teaching hours from 3.35 pm to 4.00 pm for tutorial supervision. On Friday the lunch break is from 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm. Students should reach their class rooms at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of class

Each teacher shall be entrusted with the students of a class or part of a class. She/he shall be known as the class tutor in-charge of the class. Students should go to their respective tutor for guidance and help in all academic matters

Wearing uniform is mandatory. Students should adhere strictly to the uniform code. Uniform code for boys is full sleeve shirt and pants and for girls churidar with three guaranter sleeve top and coat. Students are expected to be dressed in their uniform adhering strictly to uniformity, to norms of modesty and decorum. Individual students are not permitted to come in colour dress as part of any personal celebration or festive occasion.

If a student is constrained to be absent from his classes for one or two days, she/he shall submit her/his request for leave with reason for leave the next day to her/his class tutor. If student happen to be on leave for two consecutive working days, she/he shall bring a request for leave signed by her/his parent or guardian. If the tutor feels that the reason cited for leave is not satisfactory, she/he shall ask the parent concerned to meet her/him personally. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period by the teacher in charge of the class. Every student shall have a minimum attendance of 75% per semester.

Every student of the college shall possess an identity card (with passport size photograph affixed on it) issued by the college bearing the signature of the principal and the college seal. All payments, issue of certificates, books from the library, scholarships etc. will be made after producing the identity card. Students shall produce their identity card as and when the college staff demands. The identity card is valid only for one year. Keeping more than one identity card is punishable. In case loss of identity card, duplicate identity card will be issued only with the recommendation of the tutor concerned on payment of fine.

Tuition fees, matriculation fees, affiliation fees, examination fees etc. should be remitted on or before the dates announced in the class and published on notice board. A fine Rs. 10 per day will be charged in case the fee is not remitted on or before the last date.

As part of Continuous Evaluation students will have to write at least two tests per course in a semester. They should submit the assignment given to them as part of C.E. on the date specified by the teacher.

Parents should make it a point to attend the class P.T.A. meetings as and when they are asked to do so. They will be intimated about the progress of the wards in these meetings. P.T.A. meetings are the most fruitful interactive sessions for effective functioning of the college.